Aes alae ; bronze wings.
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Photos from July’s Seoul Comic World! 8D

It was a blast- didn’t make that much money, but it was a really fun experience~

I wanted to take more cosplay photos but the Homestuck t-shirt photo of my sempai from high school and the Sasha cosplayer are all I have to show you ;3; I was super busy running the booth, so I couldn’t run around taking photos! *rolls around crying angry tears like Eren*

It was a really hectic weekend, look at all those people in the main hall! D: it was so sweaty and hot, you wouldn’t believe how lucky I felt to be behind a table and not being shoved around in the crowd |D

The middle photo is Juu-G and my booth, I’ll be posting photos and prices for our leftover merch later, so if you’re interested in ordering any from us keep your eyes peeled <3