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Hi there, I'm Platina~ Currently 19, female Korean, majoring in Nursing. This is my main blog where I just reblog and like a lot of random stuff. For any of my art, I suggest checking out the 'art blog' link below?

Fandoms I'm in: Shingeki no Kyojin, Pokemon, Frozen

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Please come back like a miracle

기적처럼 태어났으니
기적처럼 돌아오세요.

Prayfor Korea


There is no words that can explain the sorrow of the ferry accident. But, what the captain of this ship did was unforgivable. He gives the order for everyone to sit still and remain on the boat. Those students and even adults are raised to be obidieant, they will listen in their fear. One life boat was diploid and there were 40 boats. They had no drill for a capsized boat when even on american and world cruises, would.

I am glad that families are demanding to see the captain Sook and get his explination though he can only say sorry. 25 dead and rising, 179 rescued. It is such sad news. I hope they found air pockets. This tragedy is just horrible and what makes it worse, is that it could have been prevented. According to news, this ship was doomed before even leaving the docks. The captian did not follow rules from te very begining. They were told not to leave, but he did anyway, he did not tie down the vehicles and other things that needed to be tied down, he did not give proper warnings.

In my personal opinion, I know guns are not allowed to Korean citizens normally, but I hope that man gets what he deserves because if I had a child or loved one on board, I would find a very creative way to kill this man. I’m sorry about this rant, I am just so upset by the actions that were taken and could have been avoided. There could have been ways to prevent a lower death rate and now, this horrible tragedy has occured.



The Korean students were probably on their end of the year trip… I’m guessing they were almost graduating or graduated…were going to start college/university. I bet their parents were so proud of them. However after the accident, some proved to be even better than most people thought.

In Korea we start the new school year in March, so these kids - second year of high school (16~17 years of age) - were going on their annual field trip to the southern Jeju Island ;v; it’s sad to know that these students had to start their year with such a tragic disaster;; they were so brave and selfless. My heart goes out to them;; ㅠㅅㅠ 



so i saw this chart on facebook and im—-



If RS remakes are announced

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hey i’m alive

and i have an animated Ae to throw at you guys *7*

//casually reblogs recent art *v*


Inspired by This post!!
This was based on my own experience ahahah, my Latias is 8 years old now, she’s a great Pokemon :’)

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

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